Welcome to Spectrum Healing

Spectrum Healing is a boutique healing practice for the Mind, Body, Heart, Soul & Energy.

“Spectrum Healing is the bridge between pain and peace.”

Practice founder & principal, Donna McCormick, is a Spectrum Healer, Advanced Lightworker with an open conscious channel working directly with Spirit, your Guides & Higher Self. Donna is a multi-dimensional spiritual healer and teacher.

Donna draws energy, knowledge & wisdom from the spiritual world to help you understand & heal the blockages & fears from the past & the present. The gained peace of mind gives you clarity, truth and awareness to move forward in your life.

Donna’s vision for Spectrum Healing is simple: to empower & teach individuals to heal themselves to live their true life path & purpose and obtain their full potential whilst here on Earth, ultimately bringing health, balance, clarity, truth, love and peace to their life.

95% of Spectrum Healings clients come from referrals through word of mouth,something we are very proud of.

Healing and Teaching with…..LOVE-RESPECT-KINDNESS…….