Welcome to Spectrum Healing

Spectrum Healing is a boutique healing practice for the Mind, Body, Heart, Soul & Energy.

“Spectrum Healing is the bridge between pain and peace.”

Practice founder & principal, Donna McCormick, is a Spectrum Healer, with an open conscious channel working directly with your  Spirit, your Divine Mind , your Soul, your body and energetic system. Donna is a multi-dimensional spiritual healer and teacher. She is a facilitator of transformation and expansion.

Donna draws energy, knowledge & wisdom from the spiritual world to help you understand & heal the blockages & fears from the past & the present. The gained peace of mind gives you clarity, truth and awareness to move forward in your life.

Donna’s vision for Spectrum Healing is simple: to empower & teach individuals to heal themselves to live their true life path & purpose and obtain their full potential whilst here on Earth. To clear away all that they are NOT to be all that you came here to BE, ultimately bringing health, balance, clarity, truth, love and peace to their life

Donna was had the honour and privilege of have facilitated over 20,000 Healing and Mentoring  session over the last 7 years transforming peoples life. She is humble and grateful.

95% of Spectrum Healings clients come from referrals through word of mouth,something we are very proud of.

Healing and Teaching with…..LOVE-RESPECT-KINDNESS…….